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In memory . . . . . . of a life so beautifully lived . . . . a Heart so deeply loved.

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  1. i am a proud yet devistated mom of 3 wanderful boys "young me" unfortunatly i lost my oldest23 years oct of 2013 we made a tough desicion to allow cody james to donate but the best thing our loss has some meaning to why we lost our baby so young just recently we got a letter from one of the recipitents a little girl named elizabeth recieved his liver and tells us she has a second chance in life and how grateful she is this is one of the 5 so cant wait to hear maybe meet the others and knowing that the legacy of cody james hamm will live on i started my own fb page on this wonderful gift we have had the oppurttunity in loving memory missed brother and son cjh

  2. My name is Kimberly , on January 5th 2011 in Dallas Texas we lost our daughter Cassie due to a avm that was unknown ,she was only 17. I know that God had special plans for Cassie and for the recipients that recieved her organs. Cassie wanted to be a hemotologist to help save peoples lives and that she did even though she did not forfill her dream of becoming a hemotologist but threw organ transplant.I pray that the recipents have a full recovery and are doing very well. May the legacy of Cassie live on threw others. God Bless . In loving Memory of our beautiful daughter Casandra. We miss you


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